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CR Solutions & Rusty’s Auto Body is an expert service provider in collision repair and car body repair for all form of vehicles. Our body shop in Toms River guarantees your cars body repair for life. Being part of our network of body shops, we have earned a reputation as one of the best Classic car repair shops in Toms River.

Rust Remover

For Cars:

CR Solutions & Rusty’s Auto Body technology has changed to match modern demands. If you are involved in an accident today, insurance firms will most fundamentally be involved. As cars cost more to repair, because of the new forms of metals they are written off more simply. Insurance companies encourage their customers to use their recommended repairers, not because they are inevitably the best, but because it is vying for insurance firms.

Our Services
Auto Body Customizing

CR Solutions & Rusty’s Auto Body is a well-respected expert vehicle body repair company based in Toms River. We have built a solid prominence for offering high standard car body repairs to individuals and businesses alike - from minor dents and scratches through to prime pulling work and panel repair.


Any Car:

We have a fully advanced repair system installed at our premises, which along with our own paint mixing scheme, provides you the expert service that will restore your vehicle back to showroom standards.

CR Solutions & Rusty’s Auto Body has built a solid reputation in crash repair, regularly keeping pace with an ever-changing market. Although the company has established in size, it still maintains an amazing atmosphere and we are proud of our simplified claims procedure with your insurer, our standard commitment and our guarantee all combine to ensure your peace of mind.