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About Us

Here, at CR Solutions & Rusty’s Auto Body, we deal with all forms and makes of vehicles, from your classic, highly prized, or supercar, through to personal vehicles and light commercial vans. We can repair roofs, tailgates, doors, bumpers, bonnets, wings, and wheel arches - in fact anywhere on your vehicle - and at a much vying price than other prime dealers.


CR Solutions & Rusty’s Auto Body?

With years of experience in mastering prestige classic car repairs, you can relish complete satisfaction. CR Solutions & Rusty’s Auto Body assists you with a complete service from start to finish, if you have been involved in an accident and require repairs or desire to refresh your vehicles paint work from general tear and wear, CR Solutions & Rusty’s Auto Body will assure your vehicle is repaired to the highest standard.

  • Full Assurance
  • Our Classic car repair shop is accredited by the British Standards Association.
  • Genuine Parts on Prestige Vehicles.
  • Collection & Delivery plus Courtesy Car.
  • Highly Acclaimed Auto Body Customizing Service.
Classic auto repair


CR Solutions & Rusty’s Auto Body is expert vehicle repairers - we do not provide “cheap or quick repairs”. For all our work, we use one of the most advanced equipment within our premises – this assures that all our work results in a high quality hard wearing finish that will exclusively last for years to come - see our classic auto repair menu for more details.

Whether you are compensating for your repair personally or eventually claiming through your insurance, commemorate that by Law you are exclusively entitled to have your vehicle repaired by the repairer of your choice, so choose CR Solutions & Rusty’s Auto Body and you will not be disappointed!